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Cleeland Clan

Bob (Stretch) & Eunice
Cleeland and our

wonderful furry Family

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A cold, wet nose; soft, warm fur; a wagging tail;
a twinkle from big, brown eyes; a warm,
wet tongue & a smile that says, "I love you!"
It's your best friend, ready to waken you
gently or greet you in ecstasy when you come
home at the end of your day.
It's unconditional, faithful love & devotion
beyond anything you'll ever experience
with a human being.  It's your local companion...
your dog.  Please join us as we tell you a little
about our furry children & invite you to learn
more about the joys of loving & being loved by a
dog - & ways to help stop the nightmares
created by greedy humans who have
wrongful intentions toward innocent,
trusting animals.

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angel3.gif (6012 bytes)A Memorial
in loving memory of
tiny_red_rose[1].GIF (1035 bytes)Sugar Bear,

Love of My Life,
tiny_red_rose[1].GIF (1035 bytes)Choo-Choo Bear,

our first baby,
tiny_red_rose[1].GIF (1035 bytes)Sparky Bear (rock-toter),
my precious little nutty
bundle of love, and
tiny_red_rose[1].GIF (1035 bytes)Sinnomine Choo-Choo Bear,
our beautiful regal girl


Have you Lost or Found
a Pet? If so, visit the
Lost & Found Page

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Our Current Family

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(Our Little Dustmop)
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(Killian's Red-Bob Longfellow)
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(General Beauregard)
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Avvy Rose
(Avalon, the hound)
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Daisy Mae
(Daisy *Dammit*)


... and two beautiful new babies about to make their grand debut!!!!


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