Sinny Bear's Story

Written May, 2002

"Sinnomine Choo-Choo Bear"

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Our stately, beautiful Sinnomine Choo-Choo Bear ("Sinny Bear")... what an incredibly precious puppy you were, and how we have cherished you throughout your life! The offspring of a "pet shop puppy" - one of our many mistakes when we were young.

You were born into this family and kept as ours because you were the only red chow of the litter, and we wanted the experience of having puppies. Your mom, Choo-Choo Bear, was such a beloved member of this family! What incredibly wonderful times the two of you did have!


You two would roam the woods at our lake house, "guarding the territory" and exercising your hunter instinct to the max! You always were very independent, aloof, and to yourself. You tolerated the other dogs in the family, especially the many rescue dogs who came through your territory, without a challenge. You were, purely and simply, a regal dog and demanded the respect of all the others.


After your momís death, you were lonely. The two of you were always the best of pals. We had hoped that the bassets would keep you company and you probably did enjoy them some, but the years were adding up and arthritis and other illnesses set in. You couldnít run and play as you had in the past, and it was so hard for you to go up and down the stairs to the deck as you wished. You couldnít travel to the lake house any more to hunt in the woods, and you struggled with life itself.


Just after your fifteenth birthday, a hard, cold winter was about to set in. We took you to the doctor to see what we could do to make life easier for you. "Itís time..." he said and we had expected that. We could not let you lose your dignity, and it was time for you to join your mom at The Bridge. We allowed the deed to be done... the Big Guy held you in his arms as the medicine offered that final relief for you... and you left us with so many wonderful memories!!!!


Sweet, sweet Sinny Bear... we wait for the day we can see you "whole" again, at The Bridge. We miss you so, but we know that you can run and play again, and be at your motherís side where you always were happiest! We will always love you....!!!!



"If you could see me now... I am walking streets of gold.
If you could see me now... I am standing tall and whole.
If you could see me now... You'd know I'd seen His face.
If you could see me now... You'd know the pain's erased.
You wouldn't want me to ever leave this perfect place.
If you could only see me now."

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