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Written April, 1999

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I am a pretty little peke-a-poo and surely have my

paws full with all these boys!

I came to live in this home three years ago

when I was really, really sick.   I had lived with an

older couple who meant well but often didn't remember

to feed me or bring me in from the cold.  I lived in a tiny little

pen and was so lonesome & sick, sometimes I wished

I would die.  I was seven years old when I came to live

with this family, and I didn't know how to act in a house with people.

Mom very patiently started teaching me manners

(even though she fussed a lot because I was so stubborn!)

and gave me wicked bad medicine.

They brushed my shiny black fur a lot and tied

pretty little bandanas around my neck.

There was a dog named Sparky in the house,

but he didn't like me and wouldn't play with me.

There were two big, pretty dogs - Chows,

they were called, named Sinny and Chooch,

in the back yard, but they were too big to play with and

sort of scared me!  I really loved Mom & the Big Guy,

but I surely did want someone to play with.

Then came along this little red long-haired

dachshund puppy named Bob.  He was just going to

visit for a few weeks while his dad went out of

the country, and my mom was going to housebreak him

like she was teaching me.  Well, this little puppy loved

to play!  We would roll & tumble and chew each other's

ears, feet, & tails!  We slept together and really, really

loved each other!  I was so scared he was going

to leave me soon, and I didn't know what I would do!

But his dad came back home and saw how happy

we were, and said that little Bob should just stay here.

Oh, happy day for me!   We often wear matching

bandanas & collars, and I am so proud to be his girlfriend!

Now I have another boyfriend, little Bee-Bo, who came to live

with us just a few months ago.  The dog Spark,

who didn't like me, ran away and my mom just cried &

cried for weeks but she kept looking for him.

Well, she found Bee-Bo instead.   He's only about a year old

and by now, I'm ten, but we play really hard, and I can

show him that little girls are just as strong as little boys!

So you see, I've really got it made!  How many

girls have two handsome boyfriends?

Well, I guess it's my turn to live the good life

because I've really got it made here.

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