What to do if your pet is lost:


Contact any local "Lost & Found" agency or pet registry for assistance.


In the first 72 hours, conduct foot or bicycle searches in the AM and PM hours and / or during the pet's regular feeding times. Conduct at least two daytime & two nighttime searches.


Unfrightened cats may be hiding hearby; they don't usually wander far away. Unfrightened dogs range farther. In any case, walk in your neighborhood calling for your pet.


Take your pet's favorite toy and edible treat; take a collar & leash for dogs and a pillowcase for cats; do this each time you conduct your search.


Distribute posters throughout the neighborhood and community within 72 hours. Post them and distribute them door-to-door. Use a photo on the poster if you have one.
(You will need at least 100 in urban areas; 200 for rural areas.)


Place an ad in a daily, area-wide newspaper with a lost & found classified section. Also consider an ad in a free community, specialty newspaper.


Contact local radio station program managers to see if they will announce a message about your pet's loss.


Visit each humane society and animal shelter in your community; contact animal control authorities, veterinarian hospitals & clinics, and police departments..


What to do if you find a lost pet:


In Alabama, call 205-969-2241 or 800-993-4404 to list a description of the pet with Alabama Pet Registry.


Call all area veterinarian hospitals and animal shelters within a 5-mile radius to report the pet as found and to see if the owner has already reported it missing.


Distribute fliers in the community, one-half mile all around for cats and one mile around for dogs; list the type pet (cat, dog, etc.) breed (if known), age, sex, size (weight or small, medium, large), and color(s), and where and when the pet was found. Post fliers to utility poles at hearest intersections and grocery stores.


Place free "Found" pet ads in daily and / or weekly newspapers. (Locally, try the The Birmingham News and The Thrifty Nickel.


When / if claims of ownership are made, make sure owners have described their pet satisfactorily and that they can produce proof of ownership. In Alabama, contact Alabama Pet Registry for assistance if necessary.


Alabama Pet Registry

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