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red-rose.gif (2017 bytes)Hello! I just arrived to become a member of this family about two weeks ago. I can't tell these nice people much about my past, because they can't understand my language. But the wonderful lady who rescued me told them how she saved me from big dogs who chased me every day and hurt me a lot. I was so scared, I would just run as fast as I could go up and down the streets, crying and trying to get away from them. I am still a very young pup and my legs are finally getting longer, but it has been hard for me to protect myself out there on the streets. I was so happy when I felt her arms around me, and she put me into her car… I just knew that finally everything
was going to be all right.

red-rose.gif (2017 bytes) At my new home, I found lots of other dogs! Some of them live here all the time, and others are called "rescue dogs" who are waiting for a new home. I don't know how I got so lucky, but as soon as they saw me they said I wasn't going into rescue… I was going to stay right here. You see, there is another dog here who looks almost just like me. Her name is Avvy Rose, and she is a little older and of course bigger than me. I really, really love her! Everyone says we look like mother and daughter. We chase each other hard around the yard, and roll around and play a lot!   She has told me that she had a beautiful sister who was with her until about a week before she came to this home.  She was so sad to lose her... she had been adopted by another family and Avvy will never see her again.  I think she looks at me maybe like I am her sister!  Anyway, we have such fun playing!

red-rose.gif (2017 bytes) All the dogs here are nice to me, and the people give me biscuits and pet me lots and lots. They say I'm just as pretty as a picture (and they wish I would stay still for one!) and I try hard to do all the right things. I have tried to tell the other dogs how lucky they are because it's such a bad world for dogs out there on the streets. Now I sleep in a soft bed at night and have so many friends to play with here!

red-rose.gif (2017 bytes)There's this little dog named Bee-Bo who was Avvy Rose's best friend until I came here. He tells me he's glad someone's here to help him play with Avvy, because she just drives him crazy sometimes! She loves to chew heads, feet, tails, and ears, and little Bee-Bo is so small!   His whole head will go in her mouth at once!  He is a fluffy little dog who goes to the beauty shop sometimes and smells really funny when he comes home. He loves everybody and is so much fun! And then, there are Bob and Missy-Girl.   Many, many rescue dogs come through here.  You can visit our rescue page and see all about the dogs who are looking for homes, and who has been adopted.  It will be different from time to time, and people are calling here all the time asking this family to take dogs, and other people wanting to adopt dogs.  It is just wonderful that they love us little guys so much!  I just love all my new friends and hope that I have a long and happy life in this new home!
"Home"... what a wonderful place to be!

Music:  "Bicycle Built for Two"

red-rose.gif (2017 bytes)Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!
I'm half crazy, all for the love of you!

red-rose.gif (2017 bytes)It won't be a stylish marriage...
I can't afford a carriage...

red-rose.gif (2017 bytes)But you'll look sweet upon the seat
of a bicycle built for two!


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