Bob's Story
Written April, 1999

"Killian's Red-Bob

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4OrangeButterflies.gif (5238 bytes)Hello! I am the “lead dog” in this house.4OrangeButterflies.gif (5238 bytes)

I am an extremely handsome registered long-haired

dachshund, and I’m told I come from a wonderful blood line.

I was bred by a good breeder – not a puppymill – and given as

a gift to my first owner. Well, there was this cat in

the house who was old and ruled the roost, and I had to live outside.

I chewed things up and made sure I went to the bathroom

every time I went into the house, and they didn’t know

what to do with me.  My owner was a single dude and didn’t

stay home much, and I would get out of the fence and roam

the neighborhood a lot.  One day, he said he was

leaving the country for a while and these people wanted

to take care of me and do something called housetraining.

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Well, I went there and found some very nice people

who let me live inside the house, and

there were other dogs there!  There was one little

boy dog named Spark (one of those fluffy little

shih-tzus) and I didn’t like him one bit.  He wasn’t

friendly and I decided I’d show him who was boss.

I got him into a corner a couple of times and really

whipped his butt!  Then, I would get in big

trouble.   But there was this pretty little black

dog there named Missy – well, she was really keen!

She was a lot older than me and maybe thought I

was her puppy, because she licked me all over a lot

and snuggled with me.  We played really hard and she surprised

me how strong she is, to be a little girl!  We got to be a

real item.  We would dress up in matching bandanas and

take long walks in the neighborhood.

People always would say how beautiful I am and that I

should be a show dog. I got to sleep in the bed at night

and snuggle, and get neck-kisses a lot.  When I would wake up in

the morning, it would be my mom’s time to take us

outside, so I would just lay my neck across her face

so she could start kissing me right away!  I love all the petting &

snuggling!   These people really meant business, too, about me going

to the bathroom outside.  Missy warned me that I

might as well start learning the routine, because it was

important stuff in this house.  I really liked living in this

house and didn’t want to leave.  Then one day my owner came

home and said it was time to go.  Well, I looked up at him

with my big brown eyes real sad and stuck close to my

girlfriend Missy.  I guess he sort of got the message, because a

few days later he said I could stay because I was so happy.  Lucky me!

My Missy-girl and I are just so happy!  Then one day, that little

dog Spark ran away.  It didn’t bother me any, but my mom

just cried & cried and looked for him for weeks.  They didn’t

ever find him, but then here came this other dog that

looked a little like him!  Don’t these people ever quit?

His name is Bee-Bo, so I guess it’s time for me to

show him who the boss is around here.  You know,

sometimes it’s tough, being the best!

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