Bee Bo's Story

Written April, 1999
"General Beauregard"

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"No, I'm not in jail, I'm just lounging on the porch at my lake house"

I am a really cute Shih-Tzu and, til a few days ago, was the newest
dog in this family.  I can’t tell you much about my past.  I know
that one day, I was wandering along the side of the interstate
very lost – don’t know how in the world I got there!
This nice lady picked me up and took me home.  I enjoyed playing
hard and wanted to chew things!  I am very young & playful,
and when I couldn’t find anything to chew, I would just chew her!
She said I was too rough and that I was biting & hurting her,
so she took me to this clinic and left me.
Well, one of the doctors took me home with her.
She had a lot of little dogs like me, and we liked to
play.  But she said I couldn’t stay – and that I had to find a real
home.  Well, she got this call from a lady who had lost
a dog like me.  Maybe I had found my home?  So they brushed
my hair and fixed me up all pretty for her to come see me.
I was nervous.  They came and got me out of my cage and took
me to the room where she was.  She was sitting on the floor
and smiling, and she held out her arms . . . well, I never saw this
lady before, but I just knew everything was going
to be all right!  I ran and jumped into her lap and kissed her all
over the face!  She giggled & hugged me and said I was going
home… “going home” wonderful that sounded!
I really wanted a home.

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Well, at home I found other dogs.  Two of them were
just my size: Missy & Bob.  They were pretty much an
item before I came, so I had to try really hard to make them like
me and want to play with me.  They talk sometimes about
a dog named Spark who isn’t around anymore; the other dogs
didn’t like him too much.  My new mommy brought home
more toys for us to play with – said I was biting and
chewing her too much.  We got a stuffed octopus with rope legs,
and all three of us would play tug-o-war at once.  We get
dog biscuits every time we go outside and do our stuff - it’s a
big routine.  I’ve found out where they keep the biscuits, so every
time Mom leaves the laundry room door not quite closed,
I go get some more!  I get cuddled a lot, and I sleep on her
pillow at night.  They laugh at me because I snore real loud each
time I take a deep breath when I sleep.  Missy burps
and Bob “talks” so we all have our funny habits.  There were
two real big dogs in the back yard when I first came here;
one of them went away a few weeks ago and my mom
cried a lot again.  The dog, named Chooch-Bear, was
very old & sick, and I don’t think she is going to
come home.  So last weekend, my mom & the Big Guy
went away and came back with this new dog, a
basset hound named Avvy.  I am trying to get used to her –
she’s big!  My mom still holds me and tells me I will always be
her baby, and to not be jealous.  So I am going to try
to help Avvy learn about how things are around here.
You have to let Bob be lead dog and Missy-Girl is
the queen.  I really love Missy-Girl!  She plays very hard with
me and is strong for a little girl!  I am so happy with my family – I
just want to stay here for a very long time.  I have written
the nice lady doctor twice since I’ve been here, telling her thank
you for this home and that I’m doing fine.  If you’d
like to read my letters, go here.
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