Avvy's Story
Updated August, 1999

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Avvy Rose, One In A Million Girls


Until just this week,  I was the newest member of this family,

an 18-month-old basset hound who has never really had a home.

I can remember when I was very little, I had a family

who left me a at a kennel while they took a trip, and they

never came back.  The owners tried to find them, but

never could.  Well, I stayed in that kennel for nine months.

I was so lonesome, and my feet still are a little crooked

because of staying in the kennel so long. 

I had terrible worms and was very sick & thin.

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Then, this family with three small children took me.

The children were not always nice to me...

their parents should have taught them better,

because they really didn’t know... I wasn’t their toy! 

I had surgery one day and came home very sore

and with stitches.  Well, the children tried

to take the stitches out!

I’d had enough... I growled and snapped at them...

and that was the last of that home. 

I went with a foster family then, and they were

really, really nice to me.  I wanted to stay, but they took me

to this big place where they had “adoption day”

and said I had to be adopted.  I was scared.

I went over in a corner and hoped nobody would look at me. 

But this lady and big tall guy named Stretch

came to look at me right away.  

It seems they had been looking for a dog like me,

and had driven a long way to find me.

They asked a lot of questions and held out their hands.

I liked them, and the big guy took me on my leash

for a long walk outside. 

We started “bonding” there, I think.

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He said something about “his girl”

Chooch-Bear, who had gone to Rainbow Bridge. 

Anyway, I really didn’t want to leave my other family,

but knew I must, and I truly wanted a real home. 

So they put me in a big red truck and gave me a pillow

& blanket,and off we went.   We drove and drove. 

I got sick and threw up, but they said it was okay

and cleaned up me and the truck and just kept

petting me.  What nice people!

When we got home, there were other dogs there!

I am the biggest of the ones who live in the house,

and then there is a

big pretty red Chow dog out in the back yard...

wow, what a back yard!

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I never had one before!  It’s all woodsy with a nice fence,

and I can run and run as fast as I want to go!

They give me good food and tell me to eat

lots because I am so thin.  I roll over on my back and ask

the little dogs to play with me, and they’re coming around a bit. 

I will show them that I am their friend. 

They bought me a really pretty, soft bed, and the big

guy tucks me in and tells me I’m a good girl.

They have bought me new toys and give me biscuits

every time I do the right things.

Home... what a wonderful thing it is!

I hope I can stay here always, and I want them

to be very proud of me!

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